For years, Cobham has supplied a full line of superior performing, robust lightweight composite cylinders that consistently exceed customer’s needs and expectations.

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Cobham's Pressure Technology Solutions team specializes in providing competitively priced composite pressure vessels with on time delivery, to customer request. Through our Excellence in Delivery Programs, overall manufacturing lead times are reduced by deploying innovative supply chain logistics and internal processes. This provides our customers with the  best possible lead times for exact quantities desired.



Cobham value added delivery solutions optimize customer responsiveness in their supported markets and gives us the ability to offer attractive, competitively priced options. Cobham welcomes the opportunity to design a system to meet your needs.


Aircraft Applications

Cobham's lightweight DOT-approved carbon/aluminum CFFC composite pressure vessels are used on major commercial aircraft, and military aircraft platforms. 


Cobham pressure vessels deploy aircraft escape slides and life rafts. Our vessels also provide emergency breathing oxygen to the crew and passengers. A variety of Cobham designed valves regulate system pressure and flow. 


Cobham aircraft slide inflation cylinder and valve assemblies helped make "Miracle on the Hudson" a reality as they inflated the emergency slide-rafts.


Life Support SCBA Cylinders

Cobham also offers a full line of superior performing, robust, lightweight carbon/aluminum and fiberglass/aluminum DOT, TC, and ISO approved cylinders for firefighter and military self-contained breathing apparatus (SBCA), medical gas storage and other commercial applications.  Cobham cylinders are offered in a variety of sizes, service pressures, and are available in various colors and finishes. Custom logos/labels are available as an option.


Military Ground Vehicle Pressure Vessels

Cobham supplies lightweight ballistic tolerant carbon/aluminum pressure vessels for military ground vehicles.  These high performance robust cylinders can be found in the fire suppression and height management systems aboard tactical vehicles.


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