With expertise in composite filament winding, Cobham designs and produces high performance composite pressure vessels and hybrid integrated structures for life support, military and commercial aircraft, and spacecraft applications.

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Full Spectrum Design Capability 

Because of the depth of our composites expertise, which spans over 30 years, and over five decades of world leadership in pneumatics and energy management, Cobham can innovate unique solutions across a full spectrum of needs, whether it's to produce the world's first demisable thin walled Space propellant tank, or thick walled flywheel rims, a gunfire tolerant oxygen cylinder, or robust, high quality SCBA cylinders for firefighters.


Preferred Choice for Lightweight, High Performance Products

The performance rigor demanded by our aerospace and military customers, coupled with an embedded culture of continuous improvement, drives us to produce the most robust, lightweight, high quality, competitively priced composite pressure vessels and integrated structures possible, with exceptional delivery, value, and customer service.


Products include

  • Aircraft Slide Inflation Systems
  • Rescue/Liferaft inflation systems - cylinder and valve 
  • Aircraft passenger oxygen systems
  • Military oxygen systems
  • Fire suppression vessels
  • Air, Nitrogen, Helium, gas storage and fill cylinders
  • SCBA cylinders for first responders
  • Ballistic protection panels
  • Composite tubes, shafts and cases
  • Pneumatic-based launch systems
  • Spacecraft pressurant and propellant tanks
  • Thick-Walled Composites (Flywheel Rims)


With our composite materials expertise we can

  • Design, develop and qualify custom composite overwrapped pressure vessels (COPV) to meet your most demanding weight and strength requirements without sacrificing safety
  • Be a strategic partner early in the design process defining specifications to meet your needs
  • Design and produce complex metal-to-composite interfaces
  • Offer off-the-shelf composite pressure vessel solutions


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