International Women in Engineering Day is a way to celebrate all the amazing achievements and contributions women have made in engineering

Could you tell us about the background of your career?

I joined Cobham’s Graduate Development Programme after leaving University with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering back in 2015. After completing 2 and a half years on the scheme, I have recently transitioned into a full time position as a Mechanical Engineer within the Structures IPT.

What are the highlights of your career so far?

Being offered a full time engineering role was a real highlight; the scheme really encouraged me to try new things and learn new skills and whilst it was interesting and valuable experience learning about other areas of the business, it is reassuring to know I chose the right degree for me.

Why did you choose engineering?

I chose to be a Mechanical Engineer because I have always had a real love for science, maths and working out how things work. I also think watching my dad create things and fix mechanical equipment was a big influence on my chosen career path.

What are the biggest challenges of your job?

My own personal challenge is that I struggle with setbacks. I have learnt to step back and really think about how to deal with them and push forward with a new direction to overcome them.

It was also challenging changing roles every 6 months when on the Graduate scheme.  However this taught me to embrace change, be adaptable and helped me to develop the skills to be able to master something new a lot quicker which keeps me learning constantly.

What are your thoughts on the importance of diversity within engineering?

I think that diversity is very important, not just in engineering but throughout the company and I can see that Cobham is changing and taking note.

As part of a group who are just at the beginning of their career in the company, we are bringing a real drive to change things and it’s a great to know it’s a topic being discussed in Cobham right now. I would hope that time goes on there won’t be any issues with diversity due to the growth and learning brought in to the company.

Why should someone consider a career at Cobham?

For me personally, getting to work with specialists within my chosen field and learning from them every day is second to none.

I haven’t been in my full time position very long, but being within the Graduate Scheme was a unique experience. There is only so much university can teach you and the scheme offered me a fantastic range of exposure and experiences that I really wouldn’t get anywhere else.

What does International Women in Engineering Day mean to you?

To me it is a day to celebrate all the amazing achievements and contributions that women have made in engineering. It’s also a platform to reach out to any young woman or man thinking about following a career in engineering to assure them that the engineering stereotype is changing and that women are more than capable and welcome in this occupation.

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