Integrated as a permanent or temporary installation, Cobham’s Special Purpose Pods and Pylons provide enhanced mission capability including reconnaissance, electronic jamming, data-link and instrumentation, electro optical and a range of other functions. To date over 1000 pods have been built for a range of special missions.

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All special purpose Pods and Pylons are built to military specifications containing the mounting structure to secure the mission payload components. With primary and secondary structure, the Pods and Pylons exhibit a service life relative to repeated air loads, vibratory forces and thermal loads. Accessibility to internal components plays a major role in location and design of removable access panels to ensure maintainability of both Pods and Pylons.


Cobham's  multi-platform MXU Aircraft Cargo Pod is ready for any mission to ensure maximum operational advantage. It is efficient use of center/wing stations to support exercises and deployment.

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