The drogue is the part of the aerial refuelling system which stabilizes the hose in flight and provides a funnel to aid insertion of the receiver aircraft probe into the hose.

Cobham offers a range of robust drogue solutions to suit different customer requirements for hose and probe refuelling. There are currently 2 categories of Cobham drogue; Fixed Geometry and Variable Drag Drogue (VDD) covering the low and high speed flight envelope.


Cobham's latest drogue designs all have unique patented low Foreign Object Damage construction which eliminates parts that would cause receiver engine damage in case of breakage.


Fixed Geometry Drogues are suitable for refuelling within a specific speed envelope.  Variable Drag Drogues on the other hand employ unique technology which allows for a stable platform for refuelling over a wide speed range:

  • Low speed VDD: 100-180 kts (Compatible with helicopter and tilt rotor probes)
  • High Speed VDD: 180-325 kts (Compatible with NATO STANAG 3447 compliant probes)
  • Variable Speed VDD: 105-215kts (Developed for the 48-000 pod on USAF C-130 Aircraft)


An All Speed VDD is in development to provide a single fast jet and rotary wing refuelling solutions.

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