Cobham’s Design Authority data and technical information service provides vital instruction, relating to safe operation and maintenance of Cobham Air to Air Refuelling systems.

Modern Air to Air Refuelling systems are complex, it is essential that equipment is properly operated and maintained. Fundamental to this requirement is accurate and comprehensive technical publications.


Cobham has full capability to generate, validate, deliver and maintain publications to meet industry specifications and specific customer programme requirements.


Design Authority Publication & Information Solutions:

  • Qualified and experienced team of Design Authority technical authors
  • System Limitations and Operation Manuals (Lim & Ops)
  • Component Maintenance Manuals (CMMs)
  • System Maintenance Manuals (SMMs)
  • Fault Diagnosis & Rectification (FD&R)
  • Illustrated Parts Catalogues (IPCs)
  • Ground Support Equipment (GSE) manuals
  • Service Bulletins (SBs)
  • Service Information Letters (SILs)
  • Publication revision and update services
  • Product Maintenance Programmes


Delivery Media and Format:

  • All customer required specifications can be supported
  • Stand alone technical publications or source data modules
  • ASD Simplified Technical English (STE) to facilitate translation
  • Electronic media, SGML/XML, PDF, Microsoft Word or hard copy volumes
  • Industry specifications and national standards include:
    • AvP 70, ATA100, ATA iSpec 2200, ASD S1000D™, ASD S2000M and JSP standards.
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