Ensuring the health and safety of our people and minimising environmental impacts.

Ensuring the health and safety of our people is a core value. As a diverse company, our employees are frequently required to work in different environments, and manage a range of risks. We aim to eliminate occupational injury and illness through our Zero Harm strategy, with a focus on continuous improvement in safety performance.

We also aim to continually improve our environmental management to ensure efficient use  of resources and minimal impacts.

Our Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) policy  underpins our commitment to ensuring the safety and health of our employees and to minimising our environmental impacts. It commits us to continually improving our management systems, standards and performance while developing a culture of individual responsibility.

Performance is regularly reviewed through the Corporate SHE steering committee, which in turn reports to the Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability committee and Group Executive.

Our SHE standards map to the internationally recognised management standards, OHSAS18001 for safety and health, and ISO14001 for environment. All core sites are expected to meet minimum levels of achievement against these internal standards, and we encourage them to seek external certification whenever appropriate.


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