Our Code of Business Conduct (The Code) is the centrepiece of our commitment to ensure every Cobham Mission Systems (CMS) employee conducts business to the highest standards of business ethics.

Our Ethical Culture

Doing what's right

The Code sets out the core principles and expectations governing the behaviour of all employees, and is a resource for employees to use whenever they need guidance or if a difficult or uncomfortable work situation is encountered.  The Code helps them make an informed decision or describe what actions to take to find out what to do in order to do the right thing. 

In a business situation, if employees are faced with a difficult decision, we advise them not to take immediate action, but to step back and consider these questions first

  • Is it Legal?
  • Is it in line with the behaviours we’ve set for ourselves?
  • Does it comply with our Code and Corporate Framework policies and policy requirements?
  • What would their family, friends, manager or colleagues think about their decision?
  • Would they feel comfortable if they read about their actions in a newspaper?


Ethical Behaviour


CMS is committed to establishing and maintaining high ethical standards in all aspects of our business.  Ethical behaviour is an asset that we value, encourage and reward.


We require all employees to read and comply with our Code of Business Conduct (Code).  Training is provided on an annual basis to ensure employees understand what is required of them under the Code.  All employees formally certify to this effect after the training.




We regularly communicate with, and train our employees, to remind them of the importance of acting ethically at all times, and how to raise a concern should they need to do so.

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