Cobham Mission System (CMS)'s culture is to act ethically and with integrity at all times, protecting our reputation, shareholders, stakeholders and our employees.

CMS has a reputation founded on trust, integrity and of ‘doing the right thing’. To protect that reputation and to help us ensure that we conduct business fairly and honestly, we've adopted global standards of behaviour.


Our Code of Business Conduct (‘Code’)

Our Code of Business Conduct is the centrepiece of our commitment to our employees, and emphasises the importance that each employee plays in building trust - with each other, our customers and our partners - to ensure every CMS employee conducts business to the same high standards of business ethics.  The Code includes a section on bribery and corruption and sets out our zero tolerance to both. 

As the Code cannot cover every eventuality or challenge our employees may face, it is created as a resource for them to use when guidance is needed, to help them make informed decisions. 

CMS offers a confidential Helpline for employees to ask questions or to raise a concern they may have, anonymously if they so wish. It also offers other alternative resources to employees, so they can raise a concern in a way they feel most comfortable with. 


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